More experimenting with markers.

Colored Markers
So I finally broke out the colored markers I bought at the beginning of the year, a set of 48 prismacolor markers on sale at Michaels. I’ve dallied with them some, but I was determined to really create something decent with them.

I pulled out the Moleskine sketch book and doodled a picture of Inga, inked it with micron pens then started coloring it with the colored markers. It turned out horrible. But I learned a lot with this mistake. So I started again. Another picture of Inga, nothing fancy, inked it with microns and colored again.

The top view is a photo of the finished piece the second one is a scan.

I think I prefer the photo, the scan takes away all the texture and it looks so supersaturated. I suck at scanning.

Anyways, for those of you skilled with markers, I’m sure this sucks but I’m pleased with what I was able to do, I’ve never really played with these things at all! Maybe I’ll get brave and try something a little more complex next time.

More marker experiments
Inga. Again. Photos look better than the scan.

Marker Dromaeosaur
A Dromaeosaur.

Materials used: large moleskine sketchbook, micron pens, prismacolor markers and some white acrylic paint for the highlights.

I’m learning a lot with these and really enjoying the medium.
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